Why Train With FDC?

Fight Directors Canada and its techniques are the national standard for stage combat recognized by the Canadian Actors Equity Association, ACTRA and all major professional training institutions.
FDC certification is recognized professionally worldwide by:

  • The Society of American Fight Directors
  • The British Academy of Stage and Screen Combat
  • The Society of Australian Fight Directors, Inc
  • The Nordic Stage Fighting Society
  • The New Zealand Stage Combat Academy
  • FDC certified Fight Instructors, Fight Directors and Fight Masters teach the stage combat component in all premiere professional post-secondary drama programs.
  • FDC members choreograph and fight on every professional theatre stage from coast to coast to coast.
  • FDC is the only federally recognized National Stage Combat Training Body and Professional Fight Director Association in Canada.
  • FDC’s standardized testing practices and member certification level are recognized worldwide and allow members to be recognized at their level in any professional fight arena around the world.



  1. What do I get for my membership money?Answer
    1. Your certification acknowledged professionally by FDC,  the certificate and newsletter
    2. Professional recognition in print media where and when appropriate – mail out to agents, theatres, producers
    3. A profile on the FDC website to promote your work, including the ability to post resumes, pictures and or video of your work.
    4. Access to FDC discounts for merchandise and events at training centres around the country.
    5. Access to financial awards and scholarships
    6. Voting rights on membership issues


  1. What happens if I fail the exam? Do I have to start from scratch?Answer
    1. Every level of certification has 4, 5 or more components to the testing. (Written Test, Unarmed, Sword, and more.) Depending on the level you are testing in, you are allowed to be unsuccessful in a certain number of components before having to “start from scratch”. Generally if you fail a component, for ex: quarterstaff, you have 6 months to redo that component and be certified.
    2. The Fight Master adjudicating will clearly tell you what you need to do so you can complete any extra training and pass. They may for example say, we just need you to do 6 more hours of quarterstaff with this specific individual. For specific information on how many unsuccessful components you are allowed before you have to “start from scratch” see the Policy and Procedure documents, Article 2.1.1 and look up your level.


  1. Who recognizes FDC certifications?Answer
    1. All major professional theatre companies in Canada acknowledge FDC as a certifying body and often seek out those artists for projects involving action or Fight sequences.
    2. FDC certified means the industry can assume you are safe and efficient at that level.
    3. All premiere post-secondary drama programs have FDC teachers and FDC standards taught as part of their movement component in actor training.
    4. Professional Artist associations like Canadian Actors Equity Association, ACTRA, L’UDA, in Canada acknowledge FDC as an important certification to have in the workplace.


  1. Why is Certification important?Answer
    1. Having certification with FDC is important because, like many other forms of professional accreditation
      ( first aid certificate , Life Guard certification, your professional actor union membership, your degree or diploma etc), it communicates a level of expertise, understanding and professional quality that the industry needs and, in our case, an understanding of artist safety that is crucial to artist safety.


  1. Who do I contact about membership issues?


  1. If you are not sure who to talk to about a specific issues, questions or requests, always start with your Membership Administrator. They can be contacted at membershipadmin@fdc.ca, and they will respond and put you onto the right person or be able to answer it for you.