The Nationals is one of the largest fight Certification Training Event produced by FDC.  It occurs annually and offers certification at all levels at one time.  It is offered in a major city within Canada and is taught by FDC Fight Masters and leaders in the academic and professional fight industry from around the world.

The Academy of Fight Directors Canada

in association with

The University of Saskatchewan

College of Arts & Science, Department of Drama


The 2018 National Certification Conference

August 12-31 , Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada


AFDC is excited and proud to continue our tradition of offering comprehensive training programs and world class, internationally recognized certification. This year we come to Saskatchewan for the first time! We are fortunate to have one of the most successful, progressive and inclusive professional training bodies on the planet, and together with the University of Saskatchewan, we happily bring that experience and tradition to Saskatoon.

Certification at Basic, Intermediate, Advanced and our Teacher Certification program will be offered and guided by experts from around the world.

Basic Certification Program

Unarmed, Single Sword and Quarterstaff

Early bird (Before March 15)

Intermediate Certification Program

Unarmed Martial Arts, Longsword, Smallsword, Rapier and Dagger

Early bird (Before March 15)

Advanced Certification Program

Found Weapons, Smallsword, Sword and Shield, Rapier and Companion, Armed Martial Arts

Early bird (Before March 15)

Fight Instructor Program

Must have completed Advanced  Actor/Combatant Certification and the AFDC Teacher Apprenticeship period.

Teacher Candidates $2,200.00

If you are an AFDC Apprentice and wish to apply to be a Journeyperson, please contact Director of Training FI Louisa Zhu at

Housing in the Univeristy of Saskatoon residences is extremely limited, but we are reserving as many rooms as possible for our attendees. Housing will be prioritized for International and out-of-province students.
More information regarding housing coming soon.

A $250.00 deposit is necessary to guarantee you a spot in the course, and full payment is due July 15, 2018.

For more information contact Director of Training FI Louisa Zhu at